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  • Fri
    5:00 pmMontana Expo Park - Four Seasons Arena

  • Fri
    7:00 pmShopKo parking lot - 301 NW Bypass

    Aug 27th, 2021
    From Shopko parking lot, turn Right on NW Bypass to 6th St NW stoplight.
    Left on 6th St NW, across Central Ave West, to stoplight on 10th Ave So.
    Left onto 10th Ave So, continue all way to Truck Bypass.
    Follow Bypass around to 15th St. North.
    Right on 15th St to Black Eagle.
    Right on 25th Ave NE around Pit Stop onto 17th St NE.
    Cross to Wire Mill Road/Smelter Ave NE.
    Continue on to merge left onto 3rd St NW.
    Right on NW Bypass to 12th St NW, following short lane to 14th St NW.
    Turn left onto 6th St NW, back to streetlight, turning Right, to cruise loop again.
    We will be cruising by sponsors, so feel free to support them:
       Gold Dust Casino, 770 6th St SW
       Hideout Lounge, 2401 12th Ave South
       Fuddruckers, 3315 10th Ave South
       Dairy Queen, 2901 10th Ave South
       Johnny’s Bar, 1400 10th Ave North
       Pit Stop Casino, 1600 25th Ave, Black Eagle
       Blk Eagle Country Club (BECC), 1126 Smelter Ave
       The Do Bar, 1800 3rd St NW
       Halftime Sports Bar, 1101 NW Bypass

  • Sat
    8:00 amMontana Expo Park

    Aug 28th, 2021
    8:00 – 10:00 Registration
    10:00 – 5:00 Show at Montana Expo Central Park, Fairgrounds
              Vendors for food, beer and wine